Anupma foundation is a non profit organization based in lucknow . It was registered in 2010 under the society registration act 21, 1860 . Earlier it was named as Durga Devi Sarvjan Sewa Sansthan . It is based on the ideology of women empowerment and better education and quality life for women as well as girls. It was formed with the basic objective to save girl child and promotes this awareness not only in urban but also in remote rural areas.

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  • Vision & Mission

    Our motto is "Equal justice for women” as Mahatma Gandhi said “Woman is the noblest of God’s creation, supreme in her own sphere of activities “.The vision and mission of Anupma foundation revolve around an indiscriminate and violence free...

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  • Our Activities

    Anupma foundation has been actively engaged in attaining its goal of empowering women with our focus on this goal and our activities aiming at educational activities for women in interactive ways such as self defense training...

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  • Board Members

    In Anupma Foundation year 2012 was the milestone year. Out of ten of its board members few 0f them resigned due to their personal reasons. Their resignation letters were accepted and vacant positions. Their resignation letters were ...

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Working area of Anupma Foundation   

Women empowerment is a global phenomenon which is not only the need of hour but also symbolizes the societal development of a democratic nation. As we inch towards attaining the status of a developed country, it becomes our responsibility to rise above the social bias against our women and bring about gender equality in our society......

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